Gas and landlord Safety Certificates

Every year you are required to have an annual gas service, our highly trained engineers will have all the up to date equipment for your boiler needs. Having an annual gas service will also entitle you to keep your guarantees, we will test the carbon dioxide readings given to us by an analyser this will then tell us if your boiler is working at its full potential therefore saving you money in the long run.

A landlord certificate is required by your landlord to be completed every year by a corgi registered engineer, this is part of the regulations to prove that their property is up to certified standards set out by the government and regulations. Another regulation that has recently come into place is that a carbon monoxide alarm is required to be fitted. This will sound like a smoke alarm but more importantly it will tell you that there is a silent killer about called carbon monoxide, this gas is very dangerous and it is given out by the boiler if there was ever a major fault inside the boiler